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Srijeda, 27. maj, 2020

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Google Maps Module

hot mapsThe most popular online maps service today is certainly Google Maps. This service covers the entire globe. Allmost all places and addresses throughout the world are included in this giant online world map. Modern websites often use free maps from Google to show where the company is located or how to find the company's offices. Travel websites can use maps to show destinations they offer for vacation trips.

Hot Maps module has been created to allow webmasters to include any map from Google Maps inside Joomla website. Once you install the module and publish it in appropriate module positions, you should enter location that should be displayed (in example "Copacabana beach Brazil") and set dimensions (width and height) of the map. That's it. Your map is ready! There's not need to register or copy any code.

In addition, you can include pre-text and post-text (HTML allowed) that will be displayed above and below the map. Also, you can include link to the full map (hosted on Google). Finally, you can select whether to show graphical map or satellite image of the location.

You probably already know that number of users of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices with touch screens is growing daily. As a result, we may expect more and more people who are accessing our web sites equipped with touch screens rather then mouses and keyboards. Hot Swipe Carousel rotates slides that may contain any HTML content (images, text, etc.) and it allows users to change slides by dragging them on the screen to the left or to the right.

This module allows you to create up to 20 slides. It's possible to use multiple instances of this module on the same page. As you can see, we are using it twice on the home page of Hot Startup template demo. It's used for the main carousel on the top and for the testimonials carousel on the bottom area.

Each slide can contain optional heading and any HTML content. You can enable and disable navigational elements, such as left/right arrows and dots.

Finally, as you probably assumed, this module is 100% responsive. It will change its width according to the available screen space.


All buyers of this template will get Hot Swipe Carousel module FREE (regular price is $15).

Hot Slicebox is another responsive slideshow module by HotThemes. With an unique transition effect based on rotation of three-dimensional boxes and a lot of parameters, it will be a very useful module in our collection. This module supports up to 20 slots that you can fill up with images, with or without textual boxes. Each image can be linked. You can select number of slicing boxes for transition animation, as well as orientation (horizontal or vertical). This is responsive module which means that you can use it whenever you are about to develop a responsive website (optimized for mobile screens).

Hot Responsive Lightbox is an extended version of our old Hot Lightbox module. According to the principles in modern web design, the new version of this module is responsive. This means that layout of the thumbnails doesn't have a fixed with anymore. You can still determine the size of the thumbnails, but the number of thumbnails per row now depends of the available screen space. The lightbox slideshow (pop-up) of this module is responsive as well and it won't show anything out of the screen boundaries. The width of the big image is now no more than the overall screen space. Furthermore, the lightbox slideshow is touch friendly, so user can browse between the photos by swiping on the screen.


All buyers of this template will get this module for FREE (regular price is $15).

Prethodno kolo - ABA Liga

ponedjeljak, 9 mart 2020
Partizan NIS 102 : 88 Mega Bemax
KK Cedevita Olimpija 81 : 79 Budućnost
FMP 79 : 87 Crvena Zvezda MTS
nedjelja, 8 mart 2020
Zadar 99 : 79 KK Koper Primorska
subota, 7 mart 2020
Mornar Bar 82 : 73 Krka
petak, 6 mart 2020
Igokea 84 : 97 Cibona

ABA Liga - Tabela 2019/2020

Poz. Tim O P I + - KR Bod
1. Partizan NIS 21 17 4 1754 1538 +216 38
2. Budućnost 21 15 6 1713 1517 +196 36
3. Crvena Zvezda MTS 21 14 7 1758 1562 +196 35
4. KK Cedevita Olimpija 21 13 8 1766 1716 +50 34
5. Mornar Bar 21 13 8 1774 1754 +20 34
6. KK Koper Primorska 21 12 9 1640 1687 -47 33
7. FMP 21 10 11 1767 1729 +38 31
8. Igokea 21 7 14 1670 1779 -109 28
9. Cibona 21 7 14 1606 1734 -128 28
10. Zadar 21 6 15 1655 1769 -114 27
11. Mega Bemax 21 6 15 1693 1832 -139 27
12. Krka 21 6 15 1496 1675 -179 27

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O klubu

Klub je osnovan 1974. godine.

  • Šampion Crne Gore: 2017/18
  • Vicešampion Crne Gore: 2010/11, 2015/16, 2016/17, 2018/2019
  • Finalista Kupa: 2010, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020.
  • Finalista Balkanske lige: 2016.
  • Polufinale ABA lige 2017/2018

Himna KK Mornar



Adresa: Bulevar revolucije 85, SC Topolica
Bar 85000, Crna Gora

Telefon: +382 30 310 505

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Email: kkmornarbar@gmail.com

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